Stephanie Graves

My Philosophy


Functional Medicine

Next Level Care

While working as a Physician’s Assistant for the past 11 years, I have seen the healthcare crisis firsthand. Patients are getting sicker and sicker, and no one has the time, energy, or resources to help. Until now, that is. A huge gap exists in our current healthcare model, and I’m here to fill it.

In this model, the physician is positioned at the top, not because they know all the answers, but because they have an established perspective of the situation. However, it’s just too much to expect one person to have all the answers – let alone the time, patience, or capacity to address the factors necessary for healing to occur.


At the base of the pyramid is you, the patient. You are responsible for a wide range of self-care techniques, protocols, diets, exercise regimens, hoping to see results. But seeing the whole picture is difficult without the vantage point of a physician from years of education, practice, and treating patients. This leaves you frustrated, overwhelmed, and simply not getting better.

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

I serve to connect the dots between physician and patient, and with this knowledge comes a responsibility to provide you with better and more sustainable results. My goal is to not only relieve your symptoms but also uncover the roots of your chronic health concerns in order to create real, authentic change.


It’s time you get the care you deserve, now.