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Matcha Tea Latte

Matcha Tea Latte

I’m prone to self-experiments and one day, after learning more of the health benefits of green tea, I decided to make the switch. At that time, I was drinking one, strong Starbucks Verismo coffee per day and I was so fearful that either: a) I would struggle with terrible withdrawal headaches or b) it would be 2 PM and I’d be fast asleep hiding under my desk. And to my surprise, neither of these things happened! 

So what’s the difference? Coffee vs matcha. 

Our blood pH is tightly regulated within a very narrow range and coffee is quite acidic, with a pH ranging from 4.85-5.10. And in order to buffer this acidic shift, calcium is pulled from bones. Matcha, on the other hand, is alkaline with a pH of 9. Want to preserve bone health? Swap your morning cup of joe for matcha! 

Coffee can also raise blood pressure and heart rate and irritate the lining of the bladder. Women suffering from hot flashes should also strongly consider eliminating coffee. Coffee affects estrogen production and can worsen symptoms of menopause. 

Matcha, by contrast, is the master superfood as it contains the highest amount of antioxidants for consumable foods. Antioxidants are very important scavengers, eating up free radicals that cause inflammation and further destruction. Catechins, which are one of the main antioxidants, are also known to help fight heart disease, speed up weight loss and help lower LDL cholesterol.

And although matcha isn’t caffeine-free it doesn’t contain nearly as much caffeine as coffee or black tea. All those antioxidants also improve brain function by boosting alpha waves. These soothing waves promote a sense of calm clarity. Combine that with a small dose of caffeine and you’ll stay effortlessly alert. 

This recipe also contains Vitagreens, another complete superfood that is loaded with probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and fiber. And rounding out the nutrient-dense ingredients list is amla powder, a whole food source of Vitamin C and fiber. 

1 tsp matcha 

1 Vitagreens

1 tsp amla powder

1 tsp stevia

8 oz hot water


Blend with an immersion blender and top with frothed, unsweetened almond milk. 

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