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Detoxing Dandelion Tea

Detoxing Dandelion Tea

Each morning I indulge in this creamy, detoxifying dandelion tea. Among one of its many benefits, dandelion helps cleanse and maintain liver health. The liver is our main detoxifying organ that keeps our blood filtered and free of toxins, so anything that can support liver health is always a good option!  

The main spice in this recipe, maca, is known as an adaptogen. What’s an adaptogen? Adaptogens are a group of plant species that have ‘adapted’ to thrive in harsh environments. The maca root, for example, is a plant that grows on top of the Andes mountains, a place where absolutely no plant life should exist. So when we ingest these substances, it gives our bodies the same resiliency to thrive in stressful situations. And since I’m someone who lived in “fight or flight” mode for way too long, I’ll continue to drink this tea daily to support my taxed adrenals. 

8 oz hot water 

1 tsp dandelion tea 

1 tsp maca powder 

1 tsp stevia 

dash cinnamon


Mix all ingredients with an immersion blender and enjoy. 

Optional: Top with frothed unsweetened almond milk.

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