Stephanie Graves


15 Min Free Call

Complementary Strategy Call

We’ll start with a brief introductory call to discuss your main health goals, why you want to make these changes, and how this will have a positive impact on your life. If this is a good fit for you and your needs, we can then explore the next steps. 

15 min | $0

A Two-Part Session With Me

Part 1

Upon completion of your detailed intake form, we will spend 60-minutes together as we roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your health history. I will be going back and forth from your intake and asking LOTS of questions, shining a light on some areas that have likely been overlooked. This thorough evidence collection is unparalleled and is paramount for me to have a comprehensive picture of your whole story.

Part 2

In this second 1-hour session, we discuss details and actionable steps tailored to your individualized treatment plan. Throughout this process, we will use specific tools and frameworks as I educate and ultimately empower you to be the change in your hero’s journey. 


**Clients also receive 10% off supplements from a high-quality, professional online dispensary.


120 minutes | $400

60 Min Follow Up Call

Follow-Up Nutritional and Lifestyle Support

Follow-up consults are critical to continue the forward momentum of your healing. In these 60- minutes sessions I review your progress, clarify any diet or lifestyle changes, and discuss additional steps you can take towards your individualized care.

60 minutes | $175

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Roadmap To Resolution

Your roadmap to resolution can take a variety of paths. Here is how my process gets started, customizing along the way, based on your individual needs and health concerns:

Book your free 15-min strategy call to discuss your goals with me and determine if it’s a good fit.

Complete a detailed new client intake form. This will enable me to better understand your whole story and uncover what additional questions to ask.

Premiere Case Review Part I. A dedicated, 1-hour health history session where we will explore your functional timeline and start connecting the dots between triggers and the expression of your symptoms.

Complete 5-day food journal, lab, and supplement trackers (if applicable). With respect and empathy, I carefully review the remaining information needed to complete your case.

Premiere Case Review Part II. A 1-hour functional nutritional counseling session where I provide education and create an individualized care plan to help you meet your health goals.

Follow-up counseling: We will discuss any changes, track your progress, retest labs, and clarify any questions – propelling your forward toward your best self.

Questions before getting started?

Read my Frequently Asked Questions Before Booking Your Consultation