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I'm Stephanie Graves

Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Physician’s Assistant, and 2nd-grade homeschool teacher in Carrabassett Valley, Maine. I educate and empower people who feel hopeless with the current medical model to be the driver of their hero’s journey towards health and healing.


Growing up an only child in rural northern Maine, I always searched for something to light me up. Regardless, I knew whatever that thing was, I would blaze trails, defy norms, and break free from traditional ways of thinking.


In college, I changed my major three times, finally settling on a degree in Medical Laboratory Science. That job was quickly unsatisfying so I went back to the drawing board, and, by age 25. I started my career as a Physician’s Assistant. Initially, I thought it answered all my hopes and dreams – and it was, for a while. I began working for a well-respected General Surgery team and in that space, I felt like I was really helping people.

That all changed after enduring months of infertility treatments, resulting in being blessed with twin daughters in May of 2014. I returned to work three months postpartum, this time in an outpatient family practice setting. With little room for growth, I simply walked through the motions: a pill for this, a quick fix for that. It’s like I had sold my soul to big pharma and professional disenchantment returned.


In September 2016, my world imploded with personal and professional challenges, threatening my well-earned reputation and financial security, forcing a cross-country move with my young family.


All the while, I struggled with daily, debilitating abdominal pain and bloating. Unbeknownst to me, a raging storm of repressed anxiety swirled through my body, gaining more energy as I pressed on. I sought help from my primary care provider, gastroenterologists, nutritionists, etc yet my condition continued to worsen.

I searched for solutions to my chronic health concerns, but it was not until I started working with a Functional Nutritionist that began to emerge from the weeds. Always looking to drive change and improve, I set out on a relentless quest to heal.


Shortly thereafter, I began my training as a Functional Nutritionist, and from that point forward radical transformations occurred.  I was healing and so were my patients. And for the first time in ten years, I felt like I was making a real, authentic difference again.

adrenal fatigue support

Today, I am happy to say I live without chronic pain, accomplished through intentional shifts in my diet, lifestyle, and mindset. Living that fast-paced, stress-ridden, emotionless life was a certain path to self-destruction. But I emerged and didn’t let that become my story.


Like you, I faced chronic health challenges. I came out the other side and am determined to help you do the same; to hold your hand, educate and empower you to reach your health goals. Unlike most practitioners, I’m up for the challenge to solve your complex health concerns.

It takes a special person to ask for help. To want to change. To listen to the little voice inside that is telling them there has to be a better way. Like me, maybe you’re searching for something you haven’t found. You’ve been everywhere and tried everything. That’s why you’re here. 

If that resonates with you, welcome : )

I am honored and grateful to guide those who are lost to find their way and regain their life back. 

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