Stephanie Graves

Detoxing Dandelion Tea

Each morning I indulge in this creamy, detoxifying dandelion tea. Among one of its many benefits, dandelion helps cleanse and maintain liver health. The liver is our main detoxifying organ that keeps our blood filtered and free of toxins, so anything that can support liver health is always a good option!   The main spice in […]

Kids Go-To Smoothie

Every morning for the past 3-years I’ve started my day by blending up this nutrient-dense smoothie for the kids. Before they even eat breakfast they kick the day off with a dose of protein and fat, preparing their brains and bodies for the day ahead. It’s important to me that they get a good source […]

Brain Boosting Fat Bomb Smoothie 

Considering our brains are composed of 60% fat, adequate consumption of fat is critical for optimal brain function. Saturated fats, often deemed as ‘bad fats’ are a fundamental building block for brain cells. Similarly, cholesterol functions as a brain-protective antioxidant and is the precursor for sex and steroid hormone synthesis, all of which contribute to […]